Client Testimonials

Brionna is someone who is really passionate about what they are doing. She made me feel like this it is not just a job she wants to get done, but rather, she wants my child to improve and get better. I can tell that she cares and this is why I want my son to continue therapy with you.

If you want someone who is truly passionate about what they do, this is the place to go! I felt that helping my son was their goal, and I appreciate how much they care.”

“Mrs. Brionna has been working with my Son for the last month and he has shown improvement every week. She’s fun-loving and very efficient and also cares for her students deeply. My Son also enjoys her very much and she makes learning very fun for him. Anybody looking for a Speech Therapist that comes to your home I highly recommend Her.”


“Mrs Bri was a God send. My 6 yo son was having a problem pronouncing his “ir” sounds. For example he would say “fiya”

instead of “fire”. So I reached out to Mrs. Bri. She worked every week with my son. She was very dedicated and reliable and she

made his therapy fun. She always had new games that she would play with him to get him to pronounce words the way they

should be. She also did several exercises with him to get him to place his tongue where it needed to be placed in order to say the

words correctly. Within a few short months my son has graduated from her program. Thank you so much Mrs Bri!!! We love you”!

– Tiffany Lee

“I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this place while looking for resources for my 2 1/2 year old daughter who had a speech

delay. I felt that community/county provided resources were not enough help for us. My daughter started out probably speaking a

total of 20-ish words, some not the right sounds etc…. we have been going to Brionna for 4-5 months now and my daughters vocab

and speech has done a 180 she can say over 100 words and is trying to repeat everything people are saying around her. My

daughter is always happy to see Mrs. Bri during the week. She is continuing to progress doing speech therapy at the speech and

career center. I cannot say enough good things about Bri. Shes totally invested in the kids she’s working with”!

-Brittany Sothard

“Over 1 year ago my daughter didn’t communicate vocally, she progressed over 1 year. She loves to sing and talk up a storm.

THANK YOU Brionna and Ms Doris I really appreciate you guys for everything. Now I’m able to enjoy listening to Milan sing”!

-Unique Dixon

“While looking for a speech pathologist I talked to 3 different businesses before finding this one and Brionna (owner), was by far

the most pleasant and helpful individual I came across! Communication with her was easy and from day one she’s always been

quick in her response times. The office itself is kept very clean with Covid precautions set in place. The aesthetic has a nice

balance between being kid friendly and minimal, so it doesn’t look overwhelming or cluttered.

My daughter has now been attending sessions for one month. At this time I’ve already seen improvements in her language skills.

She has been working with Yasmeen who is patient with her, flexible, and caring. Communication with Yasmeen has also been


– Iesha Hardy

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