Parent Coaching Services

Parent Coaching Sessions

SLPs will provide virtual 30-minute speech and language coaching sessions. Each session will include a breakdown of how to teach pre-language skills. Parents will also learn speech and language strategies to implement during play, reading books, and activities of daily living such as mealtime and getting dressed.

Parents should expect to be active during your session. You will be expected to move around your home so that we can teach you how naturally incorporate speech and/or language concepts into your daily routine at home. You will also learn better this way. Our goal is to equip you to intentionally target your child’s language skills all day long with ease.

“If we’re only working on skills during therapy, children will have a very difficult time carrying over what they’re learning to the place they spend the most time and that’s at home”.

Parent Coaching Introduction (45-minutes)

An introduction call is required in order to take advantage of any future parent coaching session. The speech-language pathologist (SLP) will gather information about your child’s current level of communication, treatment history (if applicable), communication challenges, pre-language skills review, and establish parent goals.

Following your introductory call, you can choose from the following coaching structures:

4-week parent program (Four 30-minute sessions)

Bi-monthly parent program (Two 30-minute sessions)

1 day parent program (One 60-minute session)

The individuals here are truly angels walking on earth. My son has blossomed since he started working with Miss Bri and her team. He was basically nonverbal and became easily frustrated because he couldn’t communicate. He has learned how to express his emotions and how to play and interact with others. I cannot express my gratitude for the gift you have given to my son and my family. Thank you!

Carrie Bickmeier

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