We are proud of the school partnerships we have established in our community over the years. We are eager to connect with more districts and schools to 1. ensure students across our community have access to speech and language support and 2. provide support to administrators and our fellow school SLPs.

“The Speech & Career Center provides quality speech therapy services to the public, private, and charter schools in The Greater Columbus area.”


We can fulfill the following positions:

Full-time/Part-time Needs

Short-term Coverage

Maternity/Paternity Leaves

Extended School Year

Floating SLP- additional support for schools with extremely high caseloads

If your organization is looking for a speech-language pathologist, please contact our
CEO, Brionna directly. We look forward to serving your school soon!

Phone: 614-636-1377 ext. 3

The attention to detail and ability to develop relationships with students, families, and staff were invaluable. Service was delivered with compassion and expertise. Kids Care Elementary looks forward to working positions
with The Speech & Career Center to meet our students’ needs in another successful school year.

Donray Bennett

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