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The Speech & Career Center evaluate, diagnose, and treat a variety of speech and language disorders in children and adolescents. At TSCC, our focus is improving communication through functional play and activities . We believe the individuals we serve have a God purpose in our world and our role is to support and improve their speech and language skills. We want to see our friends have meaningful and purposeful interactions with their family and friends.

Who We Serve

Toddler/Preschool/Elementary School Population

TSCC will target speech and language needs in children by way of child centered, play-based or structured therapy activities.


TSCC will address the communication needs of adolescent through functional and structured skills & activities.

Disability Categories

TSCC has experience servicing children with Autism, Down Syndrome, Specific Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, Multiple Disabilities


TSCC contracts with local public, private, and charter schools to provide speech therapy services.

Our mission is to provide quality speech and language therapy services to children and adolescent population in order to improve their communication skills. We will achieve this by evaluating and diagnosing speech and language disorders then formulate an individualized service plan which meets the needs of our clients and their families. Our company will address goals through various therapeutic activities to support our TSCC friends’ use of functional communication skills.

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