The Speech & Career Center wants to share some quick information about our first “BIG 9” that Speech-Language Pathologists assess, diagnose, and treat. We promise this read won’t take long. Happy Reading!



the formation of clear and distinct speech sounds.

Articulation Disorder:

incorrectly producing, omitting, or substituting one or more speech sounds when at a specific age, the sound should be produced correctly.

How does this impact communication:

Difficulty producing sounds accurately can affect a child’s ability to be understood by their communication partners (i.e. parents, teachers, peers).

What to do if you’re a concerned parent or educator:

1. Parents: contact your child’s teacher who can connect you with the speech-language pathologist (SLP) in your child’s educational setting. Request that your child receive an articulation screening by an SLP. You can also contact a local speech therapy private practice.

Ways to encourage correct articulation of sounds:

1. Model the correct articulation of the target sound

2. Find objects around your home/outside or a book that contains the speech sound error(s) and allow your child to practice saying it correctly. On the contrary, your child may not immediately improve their production of the sound and that’s okay! Continue to model the right way to say the sound (good auditory feedback) and allow a speech therapist to provide you with more guidance.


Always communicate your concerns to your child’s educator. Simply request an articulation screener then the SLP can give you his/her recommendations. If your child is not school age, call a local speech therapy private practice to get more information on how they can help your child.

If you want more information, TSCC would be happy to answer your questions or provide a free articulation screener.  Head on over to our contact page to set it up. We are your communication resource!!


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